“Understanding mAh in Batteries: The Key to Battery Life Explained”

“What Does mAh Mean in Batteries: Whenever we buy a new phone, we often check how many mAh the battery has. We make our purchase decisions based on this factor, assuming that the higher the mAh, the longer the phone will last. But do you know what mAh actually means in batteries?

What Does mAh Mean?

mAh stands for Milliampere Hour, which is a measure of a battery’s capacity, indicating the amount of electrical charge it can store. If you want to know how much current your mobile phone draws from the battery, you can download an app named ‘Ampere’ from the Play Store.

"Understanding mAh in Batteries: The Key to Battery Life Explained"

This app will tell you how much current your phone’s battery is supplying. It will also show how much current the adapter is supplying to charge the battery.

How Batteries Work

If two batteries have the same mAh rating, they usually have the same capacity to supply charge. For example, if one battery has a rating of 2000 mAh, it can store a charge of 2000 milliampere. Another battery with a rating of 3000 mAh can store a charge of 3000 milliampere.

Mobile phones draw current from the battery to operate. The more you use your mobile phone, the more current it will draw from the battery. For example, if your phone’s battery is 3000 mAh, and it draws 3000 milliampere from the battery, it means the battery will last for about an hour.”

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