TRAI Issues Alert on Fake Calls: Is Your Mobile Number at Risk?

TRAI Issues Alert for Smartphone Users: Beware of Scam Calls, The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued an alert regarding fraudulent calls, warning smartphone users that scammers are threatening to disconnect numbers after making calls to unsuspecting individuals.

Furthermore, TRAI clarified that no such calls have been made by telecom customers discussing the disconnection of mobile numbers.

TRAI Issues Alert on Fake Calls: Is Your Mobile Number at Risk?

A warning message is being sent to users by TRAI. According to a statement from the Ministry of Communications, scammers are making international scam calls to Indian citizens, masquerading as Indian numbers, and operated by cybercriminals abroad.

The Telecom Department previously instructed service providers to block international fraudulent calls coming to Indian landline numbers. TRAI’s statement emphasizes that if you receive a call from a telecom/TRAI number, disconnect it immediately as they are not making any such calls. It’s essential to promptly report these calls.

Complaints can be filed on the Chakshu platform provided by the telecom ministry, which helps protect users from various frauds, including cybercrimes. You can visit the telecom partner portal to file a complaint against fraudulent calls and access citizen-centric services. From there, you can select Chakshu, provide details such as medium, category, date and time, your name, and other relevant information.

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