CERT In Alert: Serious Vulnerabilities Found in Adobe Software and Services pose Risk to Users

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a warning for users of Adobe software, highlighting serious vulnerabilities in 29 Adobe products and services. These include popular applications like Adobe Photoshop, ColdFusion, and Creative Cloud. According to CERT-In, exploiting these vulnerabilities could allow hackers to steal data from your computer or phone. Reports suggest that hackers could remotely take control of your device and bypass security measures by injecting arbitrary code, enabling them to access your data without detection.

Which software is affected?

CERT-In has released a list of affected Adobe software, which includes several versions:

  •  Adobe Photoshop 2023: Versions up to 24.7.3 on Windows and macOS.
  • Adobe Photoshop 2024: Versions up to 25.7 on Windows and macOS.
  •  Adobe Experience Manager (AEM): AEM Cloud Service (CS) and versions up to 6.5.20.
  •  Adobe Audition: Versions up to 24.2 on macOS and Windows.
  •  Adobe Acrobat Android: Versions up to
  •  Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application: Versions up to on Windows.
  •  Adobe Substance 3D Stager: Versions up to 2.1.4 on Windows and macOS.
  •  Adobe ColdFusion 2021: All versions up to Update 13.

CERT In Alert: Serious Vulnerabilities Found in Adobe Software and Services pose Risk to Users

How to protect yourself?

CERT-In advises users to immediately update these products to the latest versions. The updated versions have patched these vulnerabilities, ensuring the security of your devices and data.

Other security measures include:

  •  Software Updates: Always keep your software up to date to safeguard against any new vulnerabilities.
  •  Security Protocols: Regularly check your device’s security protocols to ensure no unauthorized access.

It is crucial for users of Adobe software to heed these warnings and take necessary precautions to mitigate potential risks posed by these vulnerabilities.

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