4 AI Tools Hidden in Your Phone You Didn’t Know About

4 AI Tools on Your Android Phone: Nowadays, nearly every other person relies on AI to make their tasks easier, with ChatGPT being a prime example. This reflects the significance of AI in our lives today, whether it’s helping schoolchildren with homework or assisting employees in generating reports at work.

Mobile companies are now integrating AI features into their devices for users’ convenience. Here, we’ll explore AI features that are already present on your mobile phone, waiting for you to use them.

Generate Images with Microsoft Copilot

For Android users, Microsoft Copilot is the best option to generate images. To use it, users simply need to type related prompts. Based on these prompts, AI will generate the desired images. Microsoft Copilot can also be used on desktops.

4 AI Tools Hidden in Your Phone You Didn't Know About

Search Anything with Circle to Search

Often, while scrolling through your phone, you might come across something you want more information about but don’t have enough details to search on Google. Now, you can simply circle around that object on your screen, and AI will generate all the relevant information for you. Currently, this AI feature is available on Samsung Galaxy S23, S24, and Google Pixel phones.

Remove Unwanted Sounds with Magic Audio Eraser

Similar to the Magic Eraser feature, Google has introduced Magic Audio Eraser for users to remove unwanted sounds from their smartphones. This feature is available on Google Pixel 8, allowing users to eliminate undesired audio with just a tap.

Generate Subtitles with AI

Using AI, you can now create subtitles for audio as well. Xiaomi’s HyperOS offers this AI feature, translating audio into real-time subtitles for users. However, to use this feature, you’ll need to be a beta tester and have a good internet connection.

These AI tools demonstrate how technology continues to enhance our daily lives, making tasks simpler and more efficient through innovative features on our smartphones.

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